Welcome to the Penn Lab

getpicWelcome to the Penn Lab website!

We hope you enjoy reading about our research and our recent publications. At the Penn lab, we are working hard to improve cancer patient care by developing novel anti-cancer strategies to target tumor cell death without damaging neighbouring normal cells.  Our research aims to advance precision medicine and contribute to personalized diagnosis and treatment, thus resulting in cancer survival and success.  

The Penn lab is located at the Ontario Cancer Institute, part of the University Health Network (UHN). UHN is Canada's largest hospital network encompassing four hospital sites with expertise in a number of specialities. Each of these hospitals administers an associated research institute, where cutting-edge technologies are applied to generate high impact scientific and medical discoveries. (For a snapshot of research at each UHN institute, visit the official UHN Research website)

Explore this site to find out about what we do and about the people in our lab.


Linda Penn, PhD

Canada Research Chair in Molecular Oncology
UHN Director, Microarray Centre
UHN Director, Office of the Research Trainee

Senior Scientist, Ontario Cancer Institute
Professor, Dept of Medical Biophysics, Univ of Toronto 


Recent Publications